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Mitt Romney on the Olympics

Mitt Romney on Russia being banned from 2018 Winter Olympics


Mitt Romney on Kathy Griffin’s Incivility

Mitt Romeny denounces Kathy Griffith's Repugnant and Vile Graphic of a Donald Trump Execution


Donald Trump on Mitt Romney

Donald Trump on MItt Romney

Mitt Romney on Paul Ryan

Mitt Romney on Paul Ryan


Mainstream Media Distorts Money and Politics

Not even progressives are buying the “Poor Off” between former Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (D-NY) and Vice President Joe Biden, two leading liberals for the 2016 Democrat presidential nomination. 

However, once the heir apparent to the White House is apparent, the Lamestream Media will be back to demonizing the Republican rich.

On Colbert Roasting Cardinal Dolan

Al Smith (D-NY)  was a New York politian from the
early 20th Century who was the four time Governor of the Empire State as well
as the first Roman Catholic nominee for President of the United States in 1928 .  The Al Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner is an
annual charity white tie fundraiser which dates back to 1945 and has raised
millions of dollars for healthcare causes in New York.


2012 Al Smith Dinner


The Al Smith Dinner is always held on the third Thursday in October.  As Stephen Colbert quipped about itscalendary cycle, it is like Catholic thanksgiving.  In 1960, Theodore White remarked that the Al
Smith dinner was “a ritual of American politics. as candidates from both
parties would share the dais and show a humorous or even self-effacing
side.   For example, last year both President Obama and  former Governor Mitt Romney (R-MA) both attended the fete hosted by New York Archbishop Timothy Cardinal Dolan.

The keynote speaker for the 2013 Al Smith Dinner was the Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert.  While Colbert took some shots at New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and failed Democrat mayoral candidate and NYC Council President Christine Quinn  and even Pope Francis, much of Colberts quips seemed
reserved for Cardinal Dolan.  So much so, it seemed like a Cardinal Roast. 

Cardinal Dolan and Stephen Colbert may have an chummy chemistry that was shown at a faith forum  last year at Fordham University entitled “The Cardinal and Colbert: On Humor, Joy and the Spiritual Life”. But one should not discount how both the comedian and the Cardinal share  a passion for the Catholic faith as well as a  jovial
Some may frown upon Cardinal Dolan’s ebullient embrace of “Laughter and the Lord”.  Others voice disapproval of the New York Archbishop sharing the stage with politicians at their conventions and then “yucking it up” at the Al Smith Dinner.
I have to agree with designated chaplain of the Colbert Report, Fr. James Martin, S.J and his chiding of the “frozen chosen” approach to theology as being both antithetical to theology and evicerating evangelization opportunities.  It is commendable that Cardinal Dolan was able to speak truth to power by offering pointed benedictions at the Republican and Democrat conventions yet inviting faithfulness and fellowship at the Al Smith Dinner.
Cardinal Dolan echoes this convivial approach to faith.  Dolan has observed:“Being Catholic is not a heavy burden, snuffing the joy out of life; rather our faith in Jesus and His Church gives meaning, purpose and joy to life. I love being a Catholic…”.
Besides, the Holy Spirit expresses itself in different ways, especially through pastors.   Pope Francis has impressed
many both inside and outside the Catholic community with his earnest aestheticism.  But Dolan touches people
with his joyful sensibility combined with his fervent faith.

For Colbert’s part, his humor was gentle and charitable.  I will forever think of the title  “Your Eminence” with a subtle smile yet appreciating the implication of the honorific.  While Timothy Cardinal Dolan remains in New York after the Sweet Sistine 2013 Conclave Championship, at least Dolan’s beloved baseball St. Louis Cardinals have reached with World Series this year without the existential threat of competing  against the New York Yankees.


Mitt Romney on Virtue

130312 Mitt Romney

Teasing Electoral Adjustments

As the election results roll in, it appears that it is not a clear cut decision by the American people. In the Presidential Race, several battleground states are razor thin margins, with Ohio again being the lynchpin for the decision. Democrats seem poised to increase their numbers in the Senate, yet Republicans may increase their majority in the House of Representatives. That is a very mixed bag.

President Obama managed to get re-elected with a higher unemployment than when he initially took office, losing support in his overall popularity and winning a second term with fewer electoral votes. President Obama may have to adjust after re-election to blaming the incumbent rather than former President George W. Bush for his woes. Americans will also have to adjust after the election to a Chief Executive who no longer needs to worry about pleasing people for re-election.


Not Optimal Bumps in the Road

No wonder why they could not volunteer their campaign bus like the Romney/Ryan campaign did for the Frankenstorm Hurricane Sandy.

President Obama at FEMA for Hurricane Sandy operations

Well, maybe now that Commander-in-Chief President Obama directing emergency response, he can dispatch FEMA to clear the road.

h/t: Glenn McCoy

The Payoff of Obama’s Green Jobs Bets?

One of then candidate Senator Barack Obama (D-IL)’s  promises when he ran for President in 2008 was that he would create five million green jobs.

So as part of the Feburary 2009 stimulus (a.k.a. Porkulous) of $847 Billion, almost 6%, or $50 Billion,  was earmarked for shovel ready green energy, to be monitored by Vice President Joe Biden.  That was a pretty significant “investment” in energy from solar, wind, geothermal and maybe unicorn flatulence.

Despite anemic job growth during the Obama so called Recovery, America has come nowhere near creating five million green jobs.  But to justify what they have Representative Darrell Issa’s (R-CA 49th) Government Reform and Oversight Committee hearing in June 2012 explored how the Obama Department of Labor defines “green jobs”.

My favorites were floor sweeper at a Green manufacturer, antiques dealer and an Oil Lobbyist who advocates green issues.

Many critics of Porkulous suspected that it was an unwise expenditure from the Federal Government that acted like a slush fund for the Obama Administration’s favorite groups and contributors.  The cronyism and corruption in green transportation can be seen in Amtrak, supposed High Speed Rail projects and most pointedly in green energy projects (FutureGen coal gassification and Solyndra).

During the First Presidential Debate in Denver, Republican Presidential nominee Governor Mitt Romney asserted that President Obama did not pick just with winners and losers with $90 Billion in tax breaks but that the incumbent picks losers.

Let’s see how President Obama’s bets on green energy companies have been paying off.

To use the Obama 2012 forward (sic) sounding campaign parlance,  are you ready to go all in with your great grandchildren’s inheritance or are you going to hedge your bets on November 6th?