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Jeb Bush on Homeland Security

Jeb Bush on Homeland Security


Rand Paul on the Patriot Act

Despite the rare Sunday Senate legislative session, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) was able to put a hold on the Patriot Act extension which let the provisions expire.


Golden State Janus Face on Government Spying

Jay Leno on Spying


The Audacity of Snoop?


After public hue and outcry about the NSA collecting metadata of Americans without warrants, now President Barack Obama will now demand that private communications companies hold the information for six months (at whose expense? ) and the government will then use secret courts to access the information.  But wait, there will be an independent board to rubber stamp the rubber stamps of the FISA court.

What about the $2 billion 100,000 square foot  NSA data center that recently opened near Bluffton,  Utah (a.k.a.  Intelligence Community Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative Data Center).  

NSA Data Center, Camp Williams, Bluffdale, Utah

Is that now a white elephant or will it continue as a black operation? Let me guess, the facility will supposedly be mothballed and the federal government will funnel communications companies money for the privately held data centers.  

Time will tell if Mr. Obama’s long winded remarks on domestic spying pans out to any real reforms. The Obama Administration claims that the NSA program has saved lives, but no specifics were cited.  But we can point to egregious instances which the government dropped the ball (e.g. the Tsarnaev Brothers who conducted the Boston Marathon bombing).  Of course, Attorney General Eric Holder instructed the Department of Justice to expand the definition of “racial profiling” to include religion, even in national security cases.  So GIGO–Garbage In, Garbage Out.

It seems like it is just the Audacity of Snoop.

A Security State Christmas Carol

As if government agencies would be allowed to even mention Christmas, which as been a federally recognized holiday since 1870.


h/t: Rick McKee

DC Evil Air Quotes

James Clapper, the current director of National Intelligence, has been tapped by President Barack Obama to appoint a panel to review the United State’s global collection of signals intelligence.  This responsibility was given to a man who a government official who lied before Congress by a direct question from Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) at a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on NSA electronic surveillance on Americans on U.S. soil.

Later, Clapper sought to clarify his statement by saying: “What I said was, ‘the NSA does not voyeuristically pore through U.S. citizens’ e-mails.’ I stand by that.”

Now it has become clear that the NSA routinely violates American law on spying on Americans and then lies to the Legislative Branch about it.  But surely Clapper’s study group will defend these practices  for “National Security” reasons while using air quotes.  Right.  Or as Dr. Evil would say: “Throw me a frickin’ bone.”  We’ve been there and done that already.

Chewing on NSA Graham Crackers

When it came out that the NSA had been sweeping up the phone records of all of Verizon Wireless’ customers meta data, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) made an interesting statement on FNC’s Fox and Friends.

Graham is sure that the Government is just trying to track terrorists, so he doesn’t mind if the Government monitors his meta-data on a general warrant, as he is not talking with terrorists.

Freedomworks wants to bolster Americans Constitutional rights, so they put up a challenge to Lindsey’s open invitation to the NSA.

Obviously, the senior Senator from South Carolina does not care about the 4th Amendment, which was inspired by British General Warrants during colonial times.  Graham’s belief that NSA was doing discreet checks through FISA courts, was mistaken. 
Of course the likelihood of Senator Graham having transparency with his e-mail password is about as likely as Graham running unopposed in the Republican Senatorial Primary in 2014. Until them, we can feast on other Lindsey Graham crackers, like questioning if bloggers have 1st Amendment rights

NSA–Can You Hear Me Now? Not Good

With the news of the National Security Administration (NSA) procuring metadata records of Verizon customers, there has been some rethinking of the classic cellular commercial.

It seems that we now know who the Verizon guy was checking in with–“The Big Guy” as the Teleprompter of the United States calls POTUS.

What the public can deduce from the NSA/Verizon scandal is that the Boston Bombers, Tamerlin and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were not Verizon Wireless customers.

h/t: Jerry Holbert