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Paul Ryan on the Tax Code

Paul Ryan on the Tax Code


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Stephen King on Donald Trump's Character

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Steve Forbes on Taxes

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Steve Scalise on Taxes

Art Buchwald on Tax Reform

Art Buchwald on Tax Reform

The IRS and the Known Unknown

Yesterday, as millions of Americans rushed to file their taxes to with the IRS before the April 15th deadline, longtime public servant submitted his materials with a sardonic smile.  Along with Rumsfeld’s forms, he included a letter which registers his uncertainty about the complexity of conforming with Internal Revenue Service rules.
Rumfeld’s bureaucratic broadside includes a nod to the phrase “the known unknowns” which he made famous in executing the War on Terror at the Pentagon. 

Rummy’s  bon mot was not only risable but he’s right. Who in the world can have surety about a tax code which is ten time the size of the bible and with none of the Good News?