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Congressional Kabuki Show Returns with a Fluke-y Farce

Karl Marx argued that “History repeats itself, first as a tragedy then as a farce.”  This axiom came to mind when examining the recent Congressional testimony of Georgetown University Law Student and “reproductive rights activist” Sandra  Fluke.  It is remarkable how strikingly similar Fluke’s mien is to then Lieutenant John F. Kerry (he served in the Vietnam War, you know) when he testified before the Senate in April 1971.

Aside from the aesthetics, both Kerry and Fluke allowed themselves to be used to advance their ideological causes. Kerry allowed himself to be used as the poster boy for the Winter Soldier hearings.  Fluke chose to be the cause célèbre for the Sebilius contraceptive mandate.

 Kerry made explosive accusations about the Vietnam War to further his anti-war aim.

While the Winter Soldier testimony jaundiced the nation on America’s efforts in Indochina, his colleagues later successfully discredited his testimony through the Swift Boats for Truth campaign in 1984.

Sandra Fluke made headlines when the Georgetown Law student and “Reproductive Justice” lobbyist was barred from testifying on a panel about religious liberty in regards to the HHS contraceptive mandate.   When Fluke finally testified before the House Democrat Steering Committee, she made some incredible accusations.

It did not take a generation to debunk Fluke’s fantastic policy claims.

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