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Oprah Winfrey on Bias

Oprah Winfrey on bias and Leave It to Beaver

Some of the Philadelphia Eagles Not Visiting the White House

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney on Donald Trump disinviting the Philadelphia Eagles from visiting the White House for winning the Super Bowl

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A Bit of Tucker Carlson on Podesta Threats

171031a Tucker Carlson


Stephen Colbert on the Calm Before the Storm

Stephen Colbert on the Calm Before the Storm

R.I.P. Tom Petty

Tom Petty on Life

Sally Kohn on Political Correctness

CNN's Sally Kohn on Political Correctness

Thomas Jefferson on Enlightenment

Thomas Jefferson on Enlightenment

Chuck Woolery on the Republicans

Chuck Wooldery on the Republicans

Some of Ted Cruz on Obama Chief “Diplomatch” John Kerry

Senator Ted Cruz rebukes John Kerry for his disgraceful anti-Israel speech


Charlie Chaplain on Laughter

Charlie Chaplain on Laughter