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Tucker Carlson on Corruption

Tucker Carlson on Corruption and the Russia Special Counsel


Lindsey Graham on Gifts that Keep On Giving

Senator Lindsey Graham warns that election of Alabamians of Roy Moore would be a gift that keeps on giving to Democrats

Sebastian Gorka on Fighting Terrorism

Sebastian Gorka on fighting terrorism

Sebastian Gorka on the FBI

Sebastian Gorka on the FBI and Donald Trump

Mark Steyn on Fishing with Democrats

Mark Steyn on Fishing with Donna Brazile and Hillary Clinton

Amanda Carpenter on the Loss of Moral Credibility

Amanda Carpenter on the loss of moral credibility in Washington

Shelby Steele on Liberalism

Shelby Steele on Liberalism

Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Rigging Elections

Ex DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Rigging Elections

European Parliament President Antonio Tajani on Catalan Declaration of Independence

European Parliament President Antonio Tajani on the Catalan Declaration of Independence

Lady Olenna Tyrell on Distractions

Game of Thrones Lady Olenna Tyrell on Distractions