Monthly Archives: June 2017

On Comey Leaks

President Donald Trump on Comey Leaks

A Bit of Robert De Niro on Graduating

Robert De Niro on Graduating


Groucho Marx on Understanding

Groucho Marx on Understanding

George Orwell on Truth

George Orwell on Objective Truth

Thomas Sowell on Communications

Thomas Sowell on Communications

Sally Kohn on Political Correctness

CNN's Sally Kohn on Political Correctness

London Mayor Sadiq Khan on Terrorism

London Mayor Sadiq Khan on Terrorism and Life in the Big City

On Reza Aslan’s Brains

On CNN Anchor Reza Aslan's Brains

Chris Salcedo on Conservatives

Chris Salcedo on Conservatives

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn on Violence

Alexandr Solzhenitsyn on Violence