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Some of the Sidelining of MLK’s Legacy

The sidelining of Martin Luther King's legacy by pairing him with Colin Kaepernick



Lou Holtz on Disrespecting the Flag

Lou Holtz on the NFL's problem of direspecting the flag by players who take the knee

Jesse Jackson on Taking a Knee

Jessie Jackson on the NFL Taking The Knee to Protest Donald Trump

Some of Rush Limbaugh on the NFL Taking the Knee for the National Anthem

Rush Limbaugh on the NFL Taking the Knee for the National Anthem


A Bit of Roger Goodell on NFL Conduct

Commissioner Roger Goodell on NFL Conduct


Some of Newt Gingrich on NFL’s Take the Knee

Ex House Speaker Newt Gingrich on NFL Take the Knee Protest during the National Anthem


Giving a Flying Flip on NFL Coin Tosses

Giving a Flying Flip on NFL Coin Tosses

Falcons Fined for Faux Fan Noise


Atlanta Falcons fans have had little to cheer about over the last couple of seasons as the team went 3-5 at home during the 2013 and 2014 seasons.  The Falcons organization sought to fire up their fans by playing an audio file with fake crowd noise to make it sound louder in the Georgia Dome.  

After an investigation by the NFL, it was determined the Falcons faux fan noise was a direct violation of league rules. Falcon’s owner and chairman Arthur Blank issued a mea culpa which admitted to the forbidden practice.  
 Consequently, the Falcons will forfeit a fifth round draft choice in 2016 and will be fined $350,000.  Roddy White, the events marketing director who spearheaded the artificial crowd noise, is no longer with the Falcons.  Falcon President Richard McKay has been suspended from the NFL Competition Committee .
The Atlanta Falcons are in the process of constructing the New Atlanta Stadium to replace the Georgia Dome, which has been the Falcon’s home since 1992.  The NFL ought to ensure that the $1.4 billion pinwheel roof stadium does not have a sound system like Spinal Tap’s Nigel Tufnel which “goes to 11”

Terry Bradshaw on Challenges

Terry Bradshaw on Challenges

Allen West on Racial Inequality

After the 2015 Academy Awards nominations did not include any nods for black actors and actresses, the Reverend Al Sharpton grabbed headlines which racially acrimonious analogies about the Oscars.  
Former Congressman Allen West (R-FL 22nd), who recently became CEO of the Dallas Texas based National Center for Policy Analysis, countered Sharpton’s intimations that racism influenced the Academy Awards nominations by citing sports analogies. Sports allow us to celebrate excellence and achievement not about proportioned prosperity.
As Americans celebrate the Martin Luther King Jr. national holiday, we should remember that the Civil Rights movement sought to allow the equality of opportunity not of achievement.